Rob Steele

Rob Steele
Height: 5'10
Age: 25
Sign: Capricorn
Pits: full black nests
Pubes: black, curly and wild
Sex Activity: fucking doggy style
Orientation: bi
Relstatus: open relationship
Cock: 7.5
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
interests: death metal, trucks, sci-fi, mopeds, pizza, permaculture
Bio: Rob Steele is a tatted shaggy hipster dude with a nice big cock and a great set of lowhangers. He's never trimmed his pits or pubes and his black curly crotch hair is fantastic! When he's not showing off his dick and dingy underwear on camera, you can find Rob working on his truck or moped and studying permaculture (the science of a self-sustaining agricultural environment relying on renewable resources - that's a mouthful!). Rob is bi and he gets just as much lovin' from the men as he does the women.

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