Richie Jacquelette

Richie Jacquelette
Height: 5'8
Age: 30
Sign: Aquarius
Pits: full and dark
Pubes: a full on bushy mess!
Sex Activity: eating pussy
Orientation: straight
Relstatus: single
Cock: 6
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
interests: tats, sex, philosophy, music, camping
Bio: Richie is a straight tatted hipster. He has a lovable nerdy look to him, but don’t let that fool you. As sweet and intelligent as he is, he has a badboy side to him. He’s been in jail before and his sexcapades are raunchy. He’s completely unshaven. His balls and entire crotch are a hairy rat’s nest of pubes and his chest and stomach are covered with thick black hair. Underneath his thick hip glasses are two of the most hypnotizing and piercing blue eyes we’ve ever been lucky enough to see!

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