Jizzy McBone

Jizzy McBone
Height: 5'9
Age: 25
Sign: Scorpio
Pits: black and hairy
Pubes: slightly trimmed
Sex Activity: standing while fucking
Orientation: straight
Relstatus: engaged
Cock: 7
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
interests: skating, surfing, bars, movies
Bio: Jizzy is straight hunky skater dude with a great smile and a fantastic sense of humor. This guy has fun no matter what he's doing and can hardly hold back joking around even when he's jacking off or sticking his dick inside a woman. His favorite hobbies are skating, surfing, hitting the bars, and watching movies. He admits that he doesn't like to get too deep in conversation and is a great wingman for anyone who's a bit on the shy side. Even though he's straight, he's been known to let a guy or two suck his nice hairy cock.

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