Adam Moon

Adam Moon
Height: 5'7
Age: 26
Sign: Cancer
Pits: dark
Pubes: black and trimmed
Sex Activity: anything rough
Orientation: gay
Relstatus: single
Cock: 7.5 (maybe bigger)
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
interests: music, singing, cocks, men
Bio: Adam landed in our lap via an ad online and we thank our lucky stars he found us! His thin body, beautiful eyes, dark pits, bushy pubes, and pouty lips make him a guy to die for! He got all the best genes from his heritage mix of Spanish, African, German & Apache. Not only is he talented with his hands and blessed with a rather large tool, Adam is also a blues singer and from what we hear, his talent for singing is almost matched by the things he knows how to do in the sack!

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